The legalization of marijuana internationally is emerging as the biggest change of the last 80 years. 2% of world GDP is shifting from a hodgepodge of "criminals" to "legitimate" government controlled enterprises. Several billionaires will be made overnight. There are major opportunities in branding, transportation, agriculture, politics and law. There are secondary opportunities in software, warehousing, packaging, policing and robotics. This is bigger than Jesus and the Beatles.

Cocaine and heroin will still be produced in remote mountainous regions. The profits will still be distributed to warlords and corrupt policemen, border guards and politicians. Trafficking of people, firearms and illegal narcotics will continue to be intertwined. Peru, Afghanistan and Pakistan will still be major exporters.

Marijuana production will shift from the mountains to warmer wet regions. Many states in USA should get a huge boost especially those producing cotton now. Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky have suitable climate. These poor states also have a suitable labour force.

Canada, and its young leader Justin Trudeau, has taken the boldest step of any nation. This has generated a billion dollar opportunity almost overnight. Recreational cannabis will be 100% legal and sold in storefronts across the entire country of 36 million people. It will rival California as the place where cannabis technology will be developed and implemented. Canada will be seen as the safest place to invest since marijuana is illegal federally in USA.

In Europe and Asia big investments will be made. Countries will likely invest millions of dollars into greenhouses, solar farms and factories. Saudi Arabia is facing major challenges but is unlikely to invest in this for cultural reasons. Iran, India or Vietnam are more likely to profit from this movement due to their specific economics situations. When California, Ontario or Wales places an order ten million muffins, non-Christian bakers will jump to action.

The Apple business model may be duplicated. Apple manufactures iPhones in China and sells them internationally. Its offices are in California and for tax purposes it is based in Ireland. Under this system roughly 50% of income goes to the shareholders and no tax is paid. Large multi-nationals, friendly with world governments, may soon produce cannabis overseas and earn huge profits.

The business climate today is very similar to that of 1923 when alcohol became legal again in USA. The smart investors made a fortune peddling a mind-altering drug with full support of Uncle Sam.